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Five Extraordinary People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

1. Temple Grandin:
Dr. Temple Grandin is a professor of Animal Science who is a well-known consultant to the livestock industry and Autism spokesperson. She has developed a variety of methods and regulations for the appropriate treatment and slaughter of livestock in the industry. Read more about her at

2. Stephen Wiltshire:
Stephen Wiltshire is a world-renowned British artist and autistic savant with a gift for drawing lifelike landscapes. Recently, he re-created an entire aerial view of New York City after seeing it just once! Read about Stephen Wiltshire and view his work at

3. Daniel Tammet:
Daniel Tammet is another autistic savant who has developed the online language-learning company Optimnem, a website that provides online language instruction to people worldwide. He once recited the constant Pi (i.e., what we know as 3.14) from memory to over 22,000 decimal places in 5 hours without any errors! More about him at

4. Stephen Shore:
Dr. Stephen Shore is an assistant professor of Special Education at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. His research focuses on best practices for education and supporting those with ASD. Having been diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder (a form of high-functioning ASD), he speaks internationally about his experiences and is a current board member of Autism Speaks. Source: Organization for Autism Research at

5. Gerald Franklin:
Gerald Franklin is a game and interface designer for WebTeam Corporation. Franklin describes how he has always used technology and games to connect with others. In conjunction with Autism Speaks and Rangam consulting, he is one of the leading designers of The Spectrum Careers, a search engine designed to link people with ASD to potential job. More on Gerald Franklin at

*All individuals reported that they have been diagnosed with either ASD or Asperger’s Disorder by a mental health professional.