Dear Clients and Families,

As always, thank you for trusting me with your care or the care of your loved ones. I can’t stress enough the importance of providing care while maintaining a safe and healthy environment in my practice. After careful consideration of the risks and my obligation to maintain this environment for all of us, I’ve decided to discontinue in-office visits until further notice. I will continue to offer online therapy visits to ensure continuity of care. In some instances, we will resume sessions in a similar manner to our in-office visits. With certain clients, we may function on a consultative basis or have interactive online sessions that are tailored to your needs as a client. For those who are still scheduled for in-office visits, I will be contacting you in the next 24 hours to address any concerns while we decide how to move forward. Once again, I appreciate everyone’s help and patience with these changes. I will continue to keep you informed with updates.


Aguib Diop